Maximum precision

Our wide experience allows us to work with tight tolerances to the micron on both, linear and circular parts.

Certified quality

The complete manufacturing process of our products, is carried out in our own facilities, which allow us to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Leaders in the sector

The high quality of our products, and the excellence of our technical service, are endorsed by the years of loyalty of the most important companies in the international market.

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Zorrotz cuchillas industriales
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At Zorrotz, a company founded in 1953, we manufacture high quality industrial knives, for all kind of application and special sliding ways for the tool machine industry.

At Zorrotz since own inception, and thanks to the development of knowledge in the fields of selection, transformation, heat treatment and precision grinding of the best tool steels, we have been a reference in the manufacture of Industrial Knives and special sliding ways.

This effort in the search for new solutions, based on “continuous improvement” and investment in new technologies, allows us to continuously improve our production processes and in turn, achieve the tightest machinery tolerances.

This is our response to a market with an ever-increasing demand for better performing products, in order to achieve enhanced shearing quality and a reduction in the overall industrial costs.

Our extensive experience in the selection and use of the most suitable tool steels, as well as our continuous research, make our metal cutting products, widely recognized for their high performances.


The complete manufacturing process of our knives and shears, is carried out in the Zorrotz facilities, including the Heat Treatment, for which we have at our disposal of several furnaces with a hardening capacity of great magnitude.

Where Zorrotz makes the difference, is in the precision grinding process. The availability of temperature-controlled rooms, allows us to achieve maximum precision in dimensional and geometric tolerances.

Both the product quality checks and the management of the production processes, help us to guarantee 100% traceability of Zorrotz blades, from the material procurement to the final manufacturing process and delivery to the customer. At Zorrotz, apart from the quality of the products, we are also committed to the environment. Our quality and environmental management system is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, represents 90% of the machine tool and advanced manufacturing technology companies in Spain.


Our highly qualified team and collaborating agents have the main purpose of satisfying the needs of our customers.

This is the reason why Zorrotz is considered a leading supplier for all those companies that, apart from needing high quality products, positively value the level of service and support, something that is endorsed by the years of loyalty of the most important companies in the international market.

Zorrotz operates through local offices or representatives in different parts of the world,
if you are interested in finding out which is the delegation or representative for your area, please contact our central office.

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